It can be applied to any element. And we have 3 buttons that call setSpeed when we click them.

Start using ngx-audio-player in your project by running `npm i ngx-audio-player`. Share On Twitter. Firstly, create a folder inside the Scripts folder and name it as MyAngular. The parent of this player, if any. Projects Examples. Website Demo Demo. It also provides a service that allows you to easily convert a hosted audio file to AudioBuffer through GET requests. I'm fetching the Blob from SQL server database. Able Player is a fully accessible cross-browser HTML5 media player designed from the ground up to meet the diverse needs and preferences of all users.. View on GitHub. A sandbox for learning angular 2 An audio player demo app using Angular, Ionic, RxJS and NgRx. November 19, 2016 Video & Audio. There is not too much to say about create an audio player, just set your container CSS to height: 50px; if you want a simple bar. Now, add your Angular Controller inside the folder. Angular 5 released on November 1, 2017, a major feature of which is support for progressive web apps. January 8, 2016 | Premium, Video & Audio. resizeObservable$: Then, you are going to create the app - player component using the @angular / cli: It will generate a player. component. ts file and other required files within the src / app / pages / player / directory. Inside the ./ src / pages / player directory, you will find the player. component. html file. Angular 4 is backwards compatible with Angular 2.0, and some new features are the HttpClient library and new router life cycle events. 4) Import Icons & Styles. Awesome Open Source. 7) Video Player with Custom Control and Icons. . 5. and online video courses. Share On Twitter. By default vg-type is video. You'd have to add that to this component and keep cluttering it. playSound(sound) { Let's say you want to add a recorder for the song that saves the song from time 0 to time 1. audio-player is a directive working as an attribute, it must be used on an